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Yesterday's Scores
6th Grade Boys - C: Auburn1
6th Grade Boys - C: Whitins Christian0
5th Grade Girls - 8.5 ft: Douglas1
5th Grade Girls - 8.5 ft: Whitins Christian0
4th Grade Boys - 8.5 ft: Mendon/Upton1
4th Grade Boys - 8.5 ft: Whitins Christian0
8th Grade Boys - A: Auburn Blue1
8th Grade Boys - A: Whitins Christian Blue0
5th Grade Boys - C: Boy/WB White0
5th Grade Boys - C: Whitins Christian1
7th Grade Girls - B: Mendon/Upton0
7th Grade Girls - B: Whitins Christian1
6th Grade Girls - B: Boy/WB1
6th Grade Girls - B: Whitins Christian0
8th Grade Boys - C: Shrewsbury White1
8th Grade Boys - C: Whitins Christian White0

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